Camps Bay beachCamps Bay Beach – Where the land meets the sea

Magnificent mountains, lush vegetation and smooth white sands come together to form one of Cape Town’s most beautiful suburbs, Camps Bay. Situated at the foot of the impressive Twelve Apostles mountain range, nestled between the slopes and the sea, this internationally renowned travel destination boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes and seascapes in the world as well as the most popular holiday attraction in Cape Town – Camps Bay beach.

Camps Bay is a lively and unique suburb boasting an urban camps bay beach experience like no other. The coastline trickles inland and the mountains rise up around the one-kilometer long stretch of shimmering white sands that form the centerpiece of this remarkable suburb. Dappled with islets of shade, this sun-drenched expanse of shoreline is well protected from the elements and boasts one of the most extravagant sunsets in South Africa.

Enjoy a five-star meal at any one of the luxury dining establishments on the ‘sunset strip’ – as the Camps Bay beach locals affectionately know it. Relax in the orange evening air, dining at a roadside table while watching the sun drop below the horizon in the very center of the bay. Camps Bay boasts some of the finest restaurants and most popular bars in Cape Town, as well as an array of exotic and exclusive boutiques and shops to satisfy every visitor’s tastes.

The area around Camps Bay beach is also well known for its property value. Although it is a relatively young and exciting neighbourhood, it is rich with personality and inherent style making it a great place to rent or purchase housing. Development has only been noticeable over the last few decades, with luxurious holiday properties and chic apartments that make Camps Bay beach one of the most sought after holiday and residential regions internationally.

And to think that this sandy sanctuary, Camps Bay Beach, is within minutes of the city center, as well as most of the premiere tourist attractions in Cape Town. A five minute drive will see you at the Table Mountain Cable Car, whereas an additional ten minutes drive will get you to the historic Cape Town harbour and the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Traveling along the coastline in either direction will find more beaches and scenery. One route will take you passed Camps Bay Beach and through Clifton, another amazing coastal suburb separated into four beaches, each beach with their own unique characteristics; while the other direction will take you onto the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive, a coastal motoring excursion of breathtaking splendour.

Camps Bay, the Mother City’s golden child offers scenery and atmosphere, as well as comfort and peace. Stroll the Camps Bay beach in the setting sun, eat a languishing lunch at the Bay Hotel, explore the coastline in a kayak, stroll the California-like sidewalks – there is no end of inspiring and enjoyable things to do.

The beachfront, lined with a series of palm-trees, is a picturesque tropical façade, welcoming locals, families, and tourists alike. A plain and simple journey to the Camps Bay beachfront can fill a day’s itinerary. Begin by soaking up sun on the gorgeous white sands of Camps Bay beachfront, whilst tasting the fresh sea air of camps bay beach.

If you are looking to experience the Camps Bay beach without the crowds, then get there early, preferably around breakfast time – as the beach becomes a magnet throughout the day, drawing gorgeous bodies, surfers, sun bathers, and daring swimmers to its sands, shoreline and sea. Bring your umbrella, towel and sun cream, or your swimming costume and snorkeling gear if you are to brace the cold temperatures of the ocean. For the active, popular beach sports include beach cricket, tough rugby, beach ball and volleyball – or simply, bring the old Frisbee. Camps Bay beach is the perfect location to stretch those summer abs.

Camps Bay forms the part of the Cape’s Golden Coast, together with neighbouring beaches, Clifton and Llandudno, which offers glorious stretches of sands, beautiful sunbathers, and fantastic Atlantic sunsets. Clifton, 1 kilometer from Camps Bay beach, is famed for its film and fashion shoots. Separated by coves, or more accurately large granite boulders, Clifton is separated into four respective beaches: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Llandudno is a delightful seaside community, its beach positioned in an isolated and peaceful cove, also cornered off by large granite boulders. As a residential paradise, seeing as there are no shops or developments, Llandudno is tranquil, meditative, and beautiful. If you want to avoid the crowds of Camps Bay beach and Clifton, take a short drive to Llandudno and relax in the sun whilst reading a book.

After a day at Camps Bay Beach, why not pop in to a variety of Cape Town hot-spots and experience some of the lively nightlife Cape Town has to offer. A trip into bohemian Long Street will introduce to a long strip of clubs, pubs and bars. Make your first stop at Long Street Café and create your own gourmet pizza, sip on a cocktail and mingle with the cosmopolitan company that this venue attracts. On Wednesday nights, Long Street Café brings you its famous Karaoke night.
Pulse is a unique sports bar located in De Waterkant, with 5 plasma screens and a giant projector, ensuring that you will not miss the game. Pulse often has numerous drink and food specials. Rhodes House is an ideal club for those individuals who seek upmarket pleasures while staying at camps bay beach; it consists of seven stylish bars, a massive dance floor, and specialises in themed parties, live entertainment, product launches and the sort.

Springbok Pub is day and night pub, situated in Newlands. It consists of a main bar, serving a fine selection of cognacs, bourbons, whiskeys, and cigars; a beer garden, popular for viewing major televised sporting events; and, the main hall, with a resident DJ playing a wide variety of popular tunes. Ignite is Camps Bay Beach very own nightclub, playing an eclectic mix of the latest sounds late into the night. It is situated on the promenade and is a great stopover after a meal at one of the fantastic camps bay beach restaurants. It includes an open plan interior with outside deck.
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