This guarantee (“Guarantee”) is provided by HRCT; the owner of Holiday Rentals in Cape Town and Cape Vacation Rentals – Guarantee is backed by a Fidelity Bond, issued by Western Surety Company of South Dakota, A Division of CNA Surety (“Insurance Company”)

When you pay for rental through us, you can do so with confidence that your money is in safe hands – We have invested in this Surety Bond, to provide you with peace of mind

What is Payment Protection Guarantee?

HRCT will reimburse travelers up to $10,000 US in connection with rentals they book and payments they make into HRCT’s accounts by bank transfer. Note: Scope of Guarantee is limited to coverage provided by the Insurance Company

Who is covered?

Clients who have rented a property through HRCT, have signed a lease and its General Conditions and made a bank transfer into the HRCT’s account (“Covered Losses”)

What types of losses are covered?

This guarantee covers rental payment losses as a direct result of internet fraud, misappropriation of funds received into HRCT account by any employee, officer or representative of HRCT or wrongful withholding of rental security deposits; The scope of this Guarantee is limited to coverage provided by Insurance Company (“Covered Losses”)

What losses are excluded?

If it’s not specifically included in the covered losses above, then they are excluded. Here are a few examples of losses that are not covered: payments made in cash or instant transfers that cannot be verified (i.e. Western Union or Moneygram); payments to relatives; losses such as natural disasters, theft, bodily injury or criminal activity; losses associated with a breach of the rental agreement or cancellation of rental agreement for any reason; and any travel related losses other than the base rental (i.e. reimbursement for flights, rental cars, other travel expenses).

The Guarantee does not provide reimbursement for loss of funds that are not Covered Losses. For clarification, this includes but is not limited to the inability to provide reimbursement for the following:

All reimbursement decisions under the Guarantee shall be determined by HRCT, in its sole discretion.