Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Aerial Photo

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The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Waterfront experience is primarily a maritime one. Our working harbor caters for a wide range of vessels and yachts via two deep water passenger vessel berths, super yacht berths and a multitude of private floating marina berths. The local fishing industry occupies some 60% of the harbor and provides visitors with a vibrant and ever-changing backdrop of tug boats, ferries, fishing vessels, charter boats and marine life.

​​​​The V&A Waterfront Information Centre, situated on Dock Road (alongside Ferryman’s Pub) and the Waterfront Informati​on Kiosk in Victoria Wharf, are conveniently located to serve and welcome local and international visitors. Our friendly Customer Service team is dedicated to provide you with the best possible service

Tourism Seasons:
Low = May 1 - Sep. 30
High = Oct. 1-April 30
Peak = Dec. 15- Jan. 15

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Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Aerial Photo WaterfrontMarch 2007